Contrasting Sensations Impact Play

Written by Handson

Suitable for the moderate skill level of Top and with a bottom that shows some masochistic tendencies.  

Once you have some experience as a Top and feel you are ready to move on from a sensual play, increasing the impact and contrast could be the next step for you.  This play will require a good understanding of your own abilities along with a level of control which allows you to respond to your subject. 

You will need: 

Medium-sized paddle 
Large Paddle 
Sandpaper or something abrasive.
Soft Cloth 
Spanking Bench or something similar.

What to do:

  1. Bend bottom over bench exposing backside.
  2. Begin with bare-handed spanking gradually increasing intensity. 
  3. Introduce the medium-sized paddle with 3 – 5 strikes across the backside followed by some more bare-handed spanking. 
  4. Alternate between barehanded spanking and the medium-sized paddle.
  5. Once at approximately 75% of the bottom’s threshold with the medium-sized paddle. Begin to introduce contrasting sensations:
  6. Use ice over the backside (it is likely to melt relatively quickly so 1 – 2 pieces for each side).
  7. Then introduce the large paddle at about 60% of the bottom’s threshold (the ice will sensitize the skin so careful not to shock the bottom) 10 – 12 strikes. 
  8. Use abrasive texture over the sensitive skin for 2 – 3 minutes. 
  9. Use the soft cloth over the sensitive area and even over the back and thighs. 
  10. Use the large paddle again starting at about 60% and increasing to about 70%. 
  11. Use a combination of ice, abrasion and softness followed by the large paddle again, going up to 75%. 
  12. Continue to vary the contrasting sensations followed up with the large paddle going to a maximum of 85%. 
  13. Upon reaching the 85%, bring in the contrasting sensations again, with a little more time spent using the soft cloth.  Then the large paddle at about 60%. 
  14. After the large paddle, use just some ice and then the soft cloth. 
  15. Winding down to the medium paddle at around 45% followed by the soft cloth. 
  16. A few bare-handed spanks with the final soft cloth used over the entire back of the body. 
  17. Sit the bottom up, assess and provide appropriate aftercare (Sweet drink, chocolate, comfort, reassurance). 

Read more on Aftercare here.

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