A Sensual, Light Impact Play

Written by Handson.

When introduced to BDSM, it is quite common to feel as if you have entered into a whole new world of things you have never seen before and all you know is that you want to try EVERYTHING!

But before you can go ahead and whip someone or land a paddle on them, leaving a beautiful bruise; you first need to learn the basics. Below we have listed a few items that will be handy to have for a first play or just as a sensual play between you and your partner.

You will need:

What To Do:

  1. Blindfold the bottom.
  2. Bend him/her over a spanking bench to expose his/her backside.
  3. Use your bare hand and/or stinger (smallest, ruler type paddle) on buttocks to tap and get the blood flowing for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Once the skin has slight red or darker tone and some heat is radiating, use long nails or an implement to lightly scratch over the darker area, occasionally scratching the back and inside of legs.
  5. Vary the pressure of the scratches between painful scratching and tickling, observing the bottom’s reactions to take those sensations close to the limits.
  6. Once the skin of the bottom has been sensitized (3 to 5 minutes of scratching) take the flogger and lightly brush the falls over the back and buttocks and even the back of the neck.
  7. Then begin to lightly flog the back and buttocks using strikes you are able to control and are comfortable with. On occasion flogging on the back of the thighs.
  8. Gradually increase the strength of the flogging without making the bottom flinch from the impact and approaching about 60% of the bottom’s threshold. If you’re unsure of what that is, do not exceed 50% of your own strength.
  9. After 5 to 10 minutes of flogging, reintroduce the scratching then alternate between the pinwheel and scratching for 2 to 3 minutes.
  10. Begin flogging again, lower intensity and reducing intensity to the point of the falls brushing over the body.
  11. Return to the scratching and pinwheel, then introduce the scarf.
  12. Finally, with just the scarf, slide it over the body from head to toe, then toe to head. Repeat 3 to 4 times to close out the play.
  13. After the last scarf slide over, with a hand placed on the shoulder of the bottom, softly say words into the ear of the bottom confirming the end of the play. Sit them up and assess their state. Provide a sweet drink if necessary. Ensure adequate aftercare.

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