7 Butt Plugs We All Want

Butt plugs have come a very far way since the initial introduction by Dr Young. He claimed they corrected: constipation, promoted more refreshing sleep, and could relieve bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, and many more ailments! The set of four hard rubber plugs were sold in America from the late-19th century until 1940, but the design and use have come a very long way since then.  

With the big variety of butt plugs available today, we can’t guarantee they will do most of the above, but they will provide you pleasure if you’re into anal play.  Below we have listed 7 butt plugs we believe everyone should have in their toy drawer! 

 7 Butt Plugs We All Want 

Most people who are new to playing with butt plugs go for what we call the jewelled butt plug. They come in 3 different sizes and are made of stainless steel. Everyone deserves to be a prince or princess sometimes with this elegant, jewelled butt plug – a classic silver metal design with a wide, glimmering gem base.  

Nicole’s Vibrating Butt Plug 

Tap into your kinky side with the exclusive Nicole’s Vibrating Butt Plug! Inspired by the famous erotic series, this anal toy won’t disappoint when you create your own erotic story! This vibrating butt plug has 3 Speeds Vibrations, is Waterproof, and Phthalates and Latex Free. 

Rocks Off Sensation Bubbles 

Don’t let your bubble burst. 

Feel your body tremble with pleasure as you insert each bubble and embrace the rising arousal as their girth widens. Bubbles firm T shaped base will vibrate and pulsate on your highly sensitive area, whilst it’s strong vibrations surge through each bubble to deliver overwhelming heights of pleasure. 

Bubbles 7 vibrations and pulsations settings and ultra-soft silicone is designed to ease every push towards you experiencing ultimate arousal. For an exciting journey to anal pleasure that heightens your stimulation with every step, choose Petite Sensations Bubbles

LED Tail Butt Plug 

Want to grow a fluffy tail that glows? Bring your kinky imagination to life with these one-of-a-kind pleasure toys! 

Smooth and fluffy, our Screwed LED Tail Butt Plug, 3 Colors is a furball of cuteness that comes in vibrant colours. The synthetic fur feels soft and gentle on your sensitive areas. Meanwhile, the anal plug is durable—thanks to stainless steel. 

Detach the plug to either warm it or cool it for some fun variations in sensations. Play with any of these anal toys the way you want it. You can soak the plug by detaching the tail, in warm water for a more realistic and hotter feel, but if you like to send chills up your spine, you can drench them in cold water for additional thrills. 

LED Butt Plug 

Officially known to us as the Butt Lightyear plug, this is an all-time Festive Season Favourite! Never lose your partner in a dark club again! (Perfect for use in “The Dark Room”).  Powered by two CR2032 batteries (included) and real-time control using remote, this RGB changing, the splashproof plug is sure to brighten up your day. Remote and plug batteries included. Run time for plug batteries is approx 16 hours and are easily changeable by unscrewing the cap. Total plug length 3.6″ and 1″ in diameter. 

Bunny Tail Butt Plug 

Hop into your playroom with this super-soft bunny tail butt plug. Choose from multiple colours as you start a new anal adventure where you tease and tantalise your lucky lover. The plug itself is made from medical grade stainless steel and its shape guarantees perfect positioning and prevents it from falling out. Time to release your inner bad bunny instincts. 

40cm/80cm Tail Plug 

Get the bold foxy style in your kinky role play with this long black coloured fox tail butt plug. It is designed to make your erotic games even more intense and satisfying. It introduces an even wilder but softly elegant element to your sensual fun. The long flowing black tail is just the perfect ingredient for a more adventurous role play. 

It features a smooth metal plug made of 100% safe for use stainless steel material. The plug is smooth enough to slide in and stay put without coming off as you enjoy your hot action. It can even be lubricated for easier insertion. Stainless steel doesn’t stain or rust which makes this fox tail extremely durable. 

The black fox tail plug also makes a perfect gift for your sexual partner. This is an awesome gift that will send your partner wild with desire. 

Anal Hook  

If you are planning a real BDSM “hooking up” session, then you need this 10-inch stainless steel anal hook for the ultimate prostate stimulation or anal bondage experience. The hook can be held up with a strong rope, string, or any of your favourite bondage equipment. The anal hook also features a strong ring at the opposite end where the rope is tied to. You’ll also love the fact that the anal hook is delivered in a discreet package. Nobody has to know your little dirty secret except your partner. If you want to take your role-play to greater heights, then this is the right anal hook to introduce to your game. 

Tips On Anal Play: 

1. It’s important to buy toys specifically for anal play as you always want something with a flared base. 

2. Buy the appropriate lube for the toy. Unlike a vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate, using lube is very important to avoid pain and possible damage to the muscle and skin. 

3. For glass or steel plugs use a silicone or oil-based lubricant. For silicone or plastic based plugs use a water-based lubricant. 

4. Always clean your toys before and after use to avoid any possible infections. 

5. Your anal sphincter muscles can suck up small items, always choose a toy with a flare base or finger hook to avoid it getting lost. 

Of course, it’s also worth noting that even if anal sex isn’t your end goal, butt plugs can bring a lot of pleasure and excitement to your sex life. Always use more lube than you think is necessary, relax, and enjoy experimenting with several different plugs! 

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