Shunga Orgasm Cream Secret Garden 30ml

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Gently apply with your fingertips the Orgasm Enhancing Cream to your Clitoris as part of foreplay making the area more sensitive and therefore more orgasmic, and a little engorged for your partner’s visual effect. Certain women feel the effect immediately, others may take up to 3 applications (3 consecutive days) before having the same effect.

Try the Swan Pillow Talk Flirty or the We-Vibe Jive Egg with this product for the ultimate experience!

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Excite your Secret Garden with female orgasm enhancing cream by Shunga. This unique creamy formula works to sensitize the entire vaginal area, resulting in more stimulation and pleasure. Just apply a small amount to start, and massage into the outer area of the vagina with the fingertips to experience a cooling or warming sensation to will increase feelings of pleasure when touched. Since every woman is different, you may want to experiment with different amounts depending on your sensitivity level. Use with a lover or on your own.

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