Malesation Anal Relax Waterbased Lube 100ml

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Malesation Anal Relax lubricant is a water based lube formulated especially for bottom play. This lube gently numbs and cools for maximum comfort and can be used with toys and latex condoms for safe solo or partner fun.

Malesation Anal Relax Lubricant is an unique water based lubricant. This lubricant is gentle to the skin and has been specifically designed to provide ultimate relaxation during anal intercourse and a lot of extra enjoyment. The lubricant provides more comfort during sexual activities and supports the natural moisture balance of the body.

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Malesation Anal Relax lubricant invites you to enjoy bottom play in comfort and at your own pace. This anal lubricant boasts a unique water based formulation, making it safe for use with your toys, too. It is gentle on your skin, making it a great choice for more sensitive pleasure seekers. This anal lube has a slight numbing effect that provides comfort, but also allows you to enjoy sensation for solo and partner pleasure that’s relaxed but satisfying. Anal Relax complements the natural moisture of your own body and contains Metha Piperetha oil for a cooling effect. It can be safely used with latex condoms and is easily cleaned off your toys and skin when your session is complete. This lube is perfect for beginners that want to explore anal stimulation in comfort, and those with some anal experience will enjoy the subtle numbing effect that prioritises pleasure.

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