Beauments Doppio 2.0 with Remote

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The upgraded Doppio 2.0 by Beauments is a versatile and powerful vibrator designed for couples or solo play.

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With an innovative and user-friendly design, the Doppio may be used in a multitude of ways. With it’s flexible arms, you are able to position the vibrator around your penis for stimulation to your shaft and testicles, you are able to wear it during penetration to offer your partner intense vibrations on each thrust, you are able to use the ends to stimulate your erogenous zones such as your perineum, nipples, or glans, and you are even able to use the two rabbit-like ears to stimulate her clitoris or penetrate her internally. With so many options, the Doppio’s use is endless.

With three separate motors that offer seven patterns, you are able to feel the powerful vibrations right from the base of the motor through to the ‘rabbit’ like ears. Two motors work in tandem, whilst the third motor can be powered on or off depending on your preference. With wireless remote control, you are able to use this innovative product to add a new dimension to your level of couple play. Simply hand your partner the remote and allow them to navigate through each of the intense vibrations until you reach your ultimate climax.

Made of 100% body-safe silicone, and phthalate-free, the Doppio is both ergonomically designed for absolute comfort and safe to use. Completely waterproof, you are able to use this product in the bath and shower and with 10 vibration modes and almost 120 minutes of play, your options are endless.


– Doppio 2.0 Couples/Solo vibrator
– 3 powerful, silent motors
– Base motor with two seperate motors in each of the ‘bunny’ ears
– Multitude of uses
– Versatile in design
–  Each motor features 10 Vibration modes
– Remote control
– Phthalate-free
– Easy to clean
– Non-porous
– USB rechargeable
– 120 minutes of play on a single charge
– Satin storage bag
– CR2032 button cell battery for remote
– 13cm length
– 4.5cm diameter

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