Andro Vita Pheromone Men Scented 2ml

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Andro Vita Pheromone for Men features a secret blend of highly concentrated male pheromones that are powerful even in low doses. Andro Vita has conducted many blind studies to prove the effectiveness of their products. This blend is lightly scented with an intoxicating spicy scent sure to tempt the opposite sex.

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Unfetter the hidden god of love inside you! Pheromones have been renowned for a long time to significantly influence how we are perceived by others and how high our success rates are when dealing with the opposite sex.
Use this special edition of Andro Vita For Men and decide yourself over this first impression on other people.
According to independent studies, pheromones can help enhance your self-confidence, make you seem sociable, and make you spread a tang of tingling eroticism. So what are you waiting for?

Andro Vita For Men gives you the chance to intensify your existing relationship, or finally meet that special woman in your life. Using the 2-fold concentration of active agents, you are bound to experience the positive effects soon. Ideally, women’s hearts will just come flying toward you. Try it now, you will not regret your decision!


  • Pheromones for Men
  • Hypo-Allergenic & Safe on Skin
  • Sexy Scent

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