Yes Water Based Lubricant – 50ml

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Yes Water-Based lubricants have no disturbing smell, taste or colour. In fact, you’d hardly know they were there if it wasn’t for a slick and silky feel, longer lovemaking and a velvety finish free of synthetic ingredients.

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With a chemical-free list of lovely ingredients, this water based lubricant is a friendly bedroom pick. It’s made from organic aloe vera (a hero when it comes to skin food), as well as organic flax extract. It also contains plant-based gums for added goodness and a velvety feel that vamps up your night. Yes Water-Based lubes are designed to increase sensitivity without decreasing your own scent or smell. This means that your natural pheromones will take centre stage for an explosive performance deserving of an encore.


  • Latex Compatible
  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure & Sensitivity
  • No Scent, No Taste, No Stickiness
  • Alleviates Vaginal Dryness
  • pH Balanced for the Vagina
  • Gynaecologist Recommended
  • Replenishes Natural Moisture
  • Neither A Contraceptive Nor A Spermicide

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