Titus Douche

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This Black Rubber Douche comes in Large size and holds 330ml of fluid. Made from soft durable rubber which squeezes easily enabling a convenient and efficient way to douche. Suitable for Anal or Vaginal cleansing. The detachable multi-directional nozzle enables easy cleaning and filling. Comes complete in its own Titus clamshell with instructions.

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Directions Unscrew the nozzle and fill with lukewarm water. Replace the nozzle. Add a touch of personal lubricant before using it. Once fitted give a short quick squeeze to the black bulb with your hand. Whilst holding in the water you have just received, gently remove the nozzle and release the water and repeat if necessary.

Douche by Titus-Large

  • Black Rubber Douche bulb in a Large 330ml size. Comes in a Titus clamshell. Detachable nozzle.
  • Easy Squeezable soft high-quality rubber
  • For Anal or Vaginal cleansing
  • Large size 330ml
  • Subtly angled multi-directional nozzle. Removable for easy filling and cleaning

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