Royal Scepter Eminent Adornment

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Offering, in all its majestic glory, an incredibly powerful classic designed for the ultimate in reliable, over-the-top intense stimulation, Ideal’s Royal Scepter boasts, along with a traditionally orgasmic head that flexes blissfully on a mobile neck, a deliciously shaped attachment that transforms the Scepter into a penetrable vibe backed by bone-shuddering power.

Though completely functional as a traditional body massager, easily soothing hard-to-reach areas of muscle tension, the Eminent Scepter is even better at soothing (annihilating, actually) sexual tension. Often recommenced by sexual health practitioners to a woman who has trouble climaxing, a great massager is a must-have in bedrooms worldwide- and this double-duty version absolutely fits the pleasure bill. Variable in terms of speed from low to high, the high speed may never be needed- such is the power of the Massager.

Smoothly rounded and silky soft, the default head is an amazing tool for clitoral love- many women report orgasm in minutes or less. When penetration’s in the cards, simply slide the playfully ribbed, anal-geared Eminent attachment over the round head. It fits nice and snug, courtesy of thoughtful vertical grips inside- so play can be as carefree and enthusiastic as desire dictates. Completely rechargeable via any available electrical socket, the Scepter fully charges up in 2.5 hours, allowing for hours of use, depending, of course, on how often and for how long the motor is kept running.


  • Rechargeable powerful massager with non-phallic attachment
  • Removable attachment made of soft, Refined Touch material
  • 6 insertable inches (15.25 cm) with 1.6″ girth (4 cm)
  • 2 speeds of vibration
  • 6 functions of pulsation

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