Romance Elephant

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Some sex toys are good! This sex toy is fantastic! It will suck on your Clitoris bringing waves of Orgasmic pleasure! This sucking sex toy will change the way women will look at their Clitoris, no longer depending on Rabbits or Bullets as clitoral sex toys.

The Clitoris Sucker has 12 suction functions for your pleasure each one changes the sucking sensation that your Clit feels, solo sex will never be the same. Use with your partner or a Dildo to make even sex more exciting this is the sex toy that you will keep under your pillow.

How to use the Elephant Clitoris Sucker.

Once you have your Clitoral Sucker Romance Elephant in your hand you will notice how nice it feels when you want to use it apply a little water-based Lube on your clit turn on the clitoral sucker find a setting you like and ride the waves of clitoral satisfaction this sex toy will be your new best friend.


  • Rechargeable clitoral stimulator covered with soft silicone.
  • A small stimulator judiciously placed allows to suck the clitoris.
  • 12 suction programs
  • Total height: 15.6 cm
  • Rechargeable, it comes with its USB cord

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