PrettyLove Yves

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This female sex toy is made of luxurious silicone that is a real pleasure to feel. If they put this material on phone covers, they would make a fortune.

Once you feel this silky smooth silicone texture, you won’t want a toy made of anything else. This texture is just one of the things that really makes this toy stand out from the rest.

The Pretty Love Yves is a two-point stimulator. It has bullets in the shaft of the toy and in the external clitoral stimulator. These bullets have 30 different vibrating functions for you to choose from. These bullets have functions that make them work together or independently. With so many functions to choose, you are sure to come across one that drives you wild!

The Pretty Love Yves is a completely submersible female sex toy. That means you can take your new best friend with you into the shower, bathtub, or pool.


  • Easy to use and care. 
  • Charger Type: USB
  • Material: Silicone. 
  • Length: 16.8 cm.
  • Diameter: 3.6 cm.

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