PrettyLove Ethel

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Nowadays it is no longer necessary to have a partner to satisfy yourself. Pretty Love replaces the other so that you can be intimate with yourself. The vibrators ensure that you experience an experience that you have never experienced before. Together with Pretty Love you enter into an experience that is entirely for yourself and where everything revolves around you. Sensuality gets a whole new charge through these vibrators. You bring yourself to highlights in no time. Or maybe you like to postpone the moment supreme for as long as possible? Pretty Love is also ideal for you. The vibrators all have different positions so you can stimulate a different part of your intimate zones all the time. Need a partner for sexual acts? Pretty Love is your partner for life.


  • Material: Silicones
  • Diameter Tooltip: 4 cm
  • Number of supplied batteries: 4
  • Control Through Mobile App: No
  • Package Content: 1 cock ring with battery
  • Waterproof: Yes

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