PrettyLove Gladys

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This little darling is so unobtrusive with its delightful style and finishes that even the most discerning non-adult toy user will enjoy the pleasant finish to the Gladys massage. Gladys Massager is only 17cm in total length, that’s from the very tip to the complete bottom. The controls are on the handle and extremely easy to use with a simple press of the buttons. The massaging head is a charming 3.5cm in width and perfect for any kind of use from sore muscles, aches and pains or extreme pleasure. With a sleek massager, you can use it any way you want and anywhere you want which is one of its many benefits. 30 Functions include different levels of vibrations, escalations and of course pulsations. Why so many? You need different functions for different uses and why only have a couple of functions or levels when you can have all the levels you could need. Smooth and Silky Silicone Material which is perfect for any massager and ideal for any intimate massager with such a delightful silky finish it’s a pleasure to run over your body. USB Rechargeable and of course Waterproof as you want to be able to take such a sweet massager into the shower with you. No more batteries required and more power in the massager because of its rechargeable.


  • Gladys Massager
  • 30 Functions
  • Smooth and Silky Silicone Material
  • USB Rechargeable and of course Waterproof

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