Passion Pump

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Automatic Power Penis Pump Battery Operated Negative Pressure/suction helps to relax the smooth muscle cells, which allows for sponge swells After the sponge expands, arterial blood flows in to speed up the sponge hyperemia and increases the hardness of your penis The more the sponge is inflated, the more solid your penis will be and the more it will grow Air pressure will increase your cavernous body, with low vacuum pressure in the cylinder, your cavernous body will be exercised in physical safe way Universal design fits all.


  • 3 levels of suction.
  • Easy to change batteries, requires 3 AAA not included.
  • Automatic penis pump does all the work for you.
  • Quieter to use than most powered pumps.
  • Detachable pump for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful motor creates quick suction.
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This Penis Pump is based on the principles of penis vacuum enlargement.
It will help you reach the size that you wanted without having any surgery.
This Penis Pump is engineered to provide tender traction of the penis without any harm or pain.

Use Tips:
Please use only a small amount of lubricant to avoid clogging the air valve on the motor unit.
Do not submerge the motor unit in water since the motor unit is not waterproof.

Kindly Notes:
*By using 3-5 times a week over a 3 month period, the result will be very visible.
*Please adjust the degree of vacuum according to personal circumstances.
*All toys should be cleaned properly before and after use.

Materials: silicone and acrylic.
Product dimensions: cylinder length: 8” Diameter: 2.5”

A single 10-minute session can thicken and lengthen your penis for up to 24 hours and permanent results may be achieved with regular use.

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